Prices for 2020

Prices for cabins

Cabins Price
1 cabin with WC/shower, 1 bedroom with 4 beds, kitchen equipment. 770 NKR pr. night
4 cabins with WC/shower, 2 bedrooms, kitchen equipment. For 3-5 persons. 890 NKR pr. night.
2 cabins with water inside, kitchen equipment. 4 beds. One room. 650 NKR pr. night
2 cabins with 4 beds. Cooking plate and refrigerator. 550 NKR pr. night

Prices for campsite

car with tent 250 NKR
Car w. caravan 260 NKR
Camper 230 NKR
Tent w. bicycle 170 NKR
Tent w. motorbike 190 NKR
Extra tent: 70 NKR
Electricity 35 NKR

Prices for activities

Activities Price
Boat without engine per hour 50 NKR
Boat with engine per hour 150 NKR
Bicycle boats 1 person for 30 min 50 NKR
Bicycle boats for 2 persons for 30 min: 100 NKR

If you stay more than three nights you will get discount.